Custom App Development

Salesforce is not just a CRM system. It’s a platform that can be used to build functionality and automation to support all kind of business processes. Forcelution has many years of experience with the almost limitless capabilities of the platform, and can help building custom desktop and/or mobile applications. Such a custom app typically consists of Visualforce pages or responsive and secure Lightning Web Components. These Lightning components use HTML and modern JavaScript on the client-side, Apex code for the server-side logic, and REST or SOAP APIs for the integration with other applications. When developing custom applications, Forcelution focuses on three key aspects: usability, security, and performance.

Forcelution can help to develop a custom Salesforce application tailored to your organization, suiting your specific business processes. In addition, Forcelution Apps develops applications, available via the Salesforce AppExchange, that are useful for many different organizations. These applications enhance your Salesforce org, increase productivity, and save your organization time and costs. One of these apps concerns Enhanced Approval Requests Pro, giving users the possibility to filter and mass process approval requests. This is a must-have app for any organization working with approval processes in Salesforce!