System Integration

These days, a typical organization uses many different systems and applications: an ERP system for customer orders, an accounting application for financial management, a data warehouse for data-backup and historical reporting, a website or portal for interaction with customers and partners, etc. Most of these systems and (online) applications are not designed to work with one another out of the box. Each of them is different and requires a different approach and solution.

Forcelution can advice on integration strategies, patterns and security, and help with the implementation of Salesforce-integration solutions. This might concern a specific point-to-point integration, or an integration with multiple systems via an existing integration hub or ESB. Forcelution has experience with both the available configurational integration capabilities of the Salesforce platform, and with using the Salesforce REST and SOAP APIs. If needed, Forcelution can also help with implementing custom SOAP/HTTP callouts and Web/REST services.